The Elections

I am running for senante, and this year I think I have a chance! I am really buzzed! (By the way buzz is my new word.) It’s not like I’m cooler than I was in 8th grade (which was the last time I ran) I’m just more outgoing. I sure hope I have a fighting chance. If I don’t make the only thing i’ll have lost is sleep, and a whole lot of it. I slept all of 2 hours last night which is why I’m practically drooling on my keyboard. I’m cheering on J. for prez, and of course A. for senante with me!! (I hope she is reading this!) Good luck to Everybody who is running except one who’s name I wont mention. You know who i’m talking about. I’m really just kidding. I wish luck to EVERYBODY!! My head is about to explode so Adios Amigos!!



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