Getting Back Up!

It’s hard. when your really down (everybody gets this way) you have to find a way to get back up. Everybody has a different way. Personally, I like to write. It allows to to communicate your feelings (YA!) and express yourself. I also love music (Rascal Flatts is my newest band) and running. Yes, all you people who think I’m lazy cause I quit social dance club, I run. Well technically I haven’t ran latley, But i’m getting a new ipod for my birthday so that should help.

I’m really stressed at the molment, but I have an amazing announcment. AH HEM!

I GOT A 3.5/4 ON MY A.P. World Civ. Exam!!!!!!!

Yay for me!!!! I studied really hard and it paid off. It’s not everyday you get an amazing grade like that. I’m also giving credit to my heavenly father, cause I know he helped me. A LOT!

Okay I’m done rambling!!
Luv you all!!


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