Save the earth-Recycle!

SOOO… Instead od studying for the chemistry and math tests I have for tomarrow, I did something amazing. I saved the earth. In three hours we managed to get 378 phonebooks to recycle-how cool is that?? We went to the Marriot downtown, and we’ll be making another trip, probably for another 300. This all depends on how we get there.

*Driving down the freeway, belting out HSM 2 songs*
Mom-So, how many phonebooks do you think we have?
Me-maybe a couple million!
Mom-Who’s hitting the car?
Lil’ Sis-Not me!
Car starts to slow down
(Mom prays we get off the freeway-literally)
Just off the freeway, (YAH!) our van dies (Boo!)
*Wait 5 minutes and say a prayer*
Get to the elemenatry to drop off the phonebooks (Phew!)
Car dies at intersection (Sob)
-Notice how nobody has said anything since the freeway-
Car starts slowly.
We get to the church by our house
Use some guys cellphone
Car starts
(at least we get to our street)
-People in our neighborhood are now wondering why we’re parked 10 feet from our house-
-Dad tries car and it work okay-

Fun huh?
At least we saved the earth!


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