The Championship- The good the bad and the ugly

So yah, we won the “church” volleyball championship! It was a great feeling, and really hard beat. It was CLOSE, and when I say close, I mean close! I’m giving kudos to the other team, cuz’ I know they were as good as we were- but it still felt good to win.

THE GOOD– OUR TEAM IS AMAZING! We are all really close, and it’s a great feeling. We played as a team, and we won as a team. Oh ya-we partied after, and don’t forget the IHop!

THE BAD– the part that bugged me- the drama/smacktalk
I don’t know about anybody else, but I hate it. I hate drama, and backstabbing, and most of all I hate smacktalk, but yet I’m sure both teams did it (I know ours contributed) So why? Why in general do we get so much pleasure by talking behind peoples backs? It really doesn’t make you a better person, and it hurts others, so why go there?

THE UGLY– a bunch of sweaty, smelly girls dancing around a gym. Need I say more? 🙂


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