The Art of Procrastination

Here’s a shock- I’m a procrastinator. I love to put things off until the last minute (the very, very, very, very last minute) athough I’m getting better, ‘cuz face it, to get through high school with decent grades (or in my case better than decent) you have to work. A lot (yes, it really is two words). The problem is not seeing things ahead of time and remembering on sunday night.
*Parent* (in cheesy british accent) What homework do you have daling?
*Kid* None that I can think of.
*Parent* (still using the accent) Reeealllly?
*Kid* Well I do have a couple pages of math
*Parent*(still lovin’ the accent) Best you get to it. Tut tut now!
Kid looks in backpack
*Kid* Oh, and an englsih test
Parents face starts to lose color as they realize whats happening
*Kid* Haha! I forgot about my physics paper!
Parent starts to sway back and forth
*Kid* Oh, I’m supposed to finish Gone With the Wind.
*Parent* How long is the book daling?
*Kid* Like a thousand pages or something like that.
*Parent* How many pages do you have left?
*Kid* (Smiling Brightly) Only 998!
Parent Passes out

So now your getting the idea. Don’t procrastinate. It’s pure grief!


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