I’m a happy girl!

I just need to write right (no pun intended) now. I’m feeling lonley so I’m listing all the things i’m grateful for. Buckle your seatbelts cuz’ this could be a long one!!(These aren’t in a particular order, just how I think of them!)
1.God 2. Family 3.school 4.Toilets 5.Friends(not particularly right now, but thats another story!) 6.Carpet 7.Razors 8. Toothbrush! 9.Life 10.My computer 11.Contact Lenses 12.Hot Chocolate 13.My phone 14. My Ipod 15 Music in general 16. Jesus Christ 17. Church 18. My leaders 🙂 19. My many role models(you will never know!) 20. Girls Camp 21.Toes(you couldn’t keep balanced without them!)22.Fresh Prince 23. CHIOR! 24.Mr. Incredible(he’s the only only one who will get that =) 25. Books! 26. My bed 27.Chrsitmas 28. money 29.fingers 30. The Office 31.Babies(not that I’m having one anytime soon)32.Blakets 33.BYU! 34.Tears 35.Popcorn 36.trials 37.THE BLUBERRIES CUZ THEY ROCK AND I WILL LUV THEM FOREVER! 38.Grass 39.America 40. Freedom 50.Chocolate 51.Love (the world would be lost without it) 52. Ann Cannon(becasue someday I hope to be half the writer she is :)53.Cups (What would we drink out of??) 54. Water 55.People who know how to sew 56.People who do the dirty work (as bad as that sounds, somebody has to!)57. Paper 58. Running 59.This blog 60.repentance (www.lds.org) (Yes, I know, but maybe somebody is reading this!) 61.Text Messaging
62. Seminary 63.Clothes 64. Shelter 65. Hair 66. Doctors

Now I’m tired so I’m going to bed, but look how much I have!!!

PS.I would appreciate some feedback, so if you read this, please post a comment, even if you want to do it annonomously(sorry about the spelling!) PLEASE! I won’t even care if you tell me how much of a geek I am, or how religious I am, or how annoying, or how amazing 🙂


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