my random post of the month

Don’t I deserve at least one time a month where I can be completely strange and go go off on any subject I want? Technically I’m like that everyday, but it’s actually kind of fun 🙂

i feel like typing like this and theres no one 2 stop me cuz’ im a happy gurl! why do people do this N*E way? it kinds makes them sound like they dont no how to speak no good english. Maybe there just sick of skool or sumthing like that.

Okay, now i’m really done because talking like that drives me nuts! Yes, I do it, but if you look at it, you realize just how stupid you sound. It actually takes me longer to think of the inncorrect spelling of gurl, than it does to just type it the right way.

I really love Christmas! It’s the best holiday besides Thanksgiving (Yes, I know, i’m the only person on earth who’s favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. Why do people always skip over it? You never see anybody singing Thanksgiving Carols
*Grumble Grumble*) The lights and the love and the happy shoppers at walmart with their secret wepon stash (if you havn’t seen that episode of the office, go see it, NOW!) waiting to pounce on you if you grab the last tickle-me-Elmo. But really christmas is an amazing holiday!

Speaking of the office… WHY DID THEY TAKE IT OFF ITUNES? yes, I finally got an ipod so I could watch it, and now I can’t because some guys are fighting over green paper. Two Words. How Stupidly, Obnoxiously,Disgusting, of them to do such a thing? (Okay that wasn’t two words…)

Thank you for letting me be random. I now officially declare the 3rd of every month random blog day. Mark your calenders.


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