Yup, I’m failing chemistry. Way to go me! It’s not like I havn’t worked at it. Last night I spent around 6 hours trying to figure it out. I just DON’T get it! All good grades, and one giant ugly F! Why is this so hard for me? I sit down and study for hours and hours, only to find that when I go back to school I don’t remember it. I’ve never had this problem before. Ever. I can memorize notes on the piano, I can write amazing poetry, I can even cook a decent box of macoroni and cheese, but when it comes to chemistry, I am hopeless. It’s not like my teacher’s helping at all. I’ve been it around ten times and walked away with nada, not to mention she didn’t put any assignments in until midterm (today) so I didn’t even know what my grade was. ARGGGG! Rant Rant Blah Blah. You’ve already heard enough, I can tell. If your even still reading this…

It hasn’t been such a bad day really. I’m getting greek food, Eric Davies tried to juggle oranges, and I watched at least fourteen different polynesian dances (actually, thats not so good). I’m crampy, I’m a girl. I’ve got PMS issues, I’m a girl. I want to watch the jazz game, I’m a girl. I’m really weird, I’m blaming PMS. I really need to shut up.



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