Oranges and a Crazy fun day :)P

Oranges are good for eating, juggling, and appreently throwing across the chior classroom. I really don’t know why. Really. They steal them from the cafeteria (tsk tsk) and ummmm yeah, the rest is pretty self-explanitory 🙂
Okay, I realize, that I’m pretty much confusing anybody who doesn’t go to taylorsville high, and whose not in Womans chior, which is about 99.9999999999992% percent of the world. TO make a long story short, our three lovley T.A’s (Note to self: SENIOR BOYS) Are trying to to break the world record for the most oranges smuggled into a classroom from the cafeteria. They’re up to 17 today. (Note to self, again: This is all sounding really weird). Now that I’ve explained myself, and confused you, I’m moving on with life.


I pretty much had a great day. We started March Madness in seminary and I am SYCED! No kidding, athough my class doesn’t quite share my enthusiasum.

Bro. Coleman: We’re going to have this awesome competition to see whose class can have the most people finish the Book of Mormon! The losing team has to cook the other team breakfast burritos!

The other class: Yay breakfast burritos! We’re gunna skool you guys!

Random Kid: Can’t I have a car instead?

Our Class: *Yawwwwnnnn*

Bro Coleman: Whose im ny class in willing to put forth time and effort to finish the Book of Moromon? (A.K.A Whose in?)

The class eagerly waves thier hands and looks foreward to breakfast burrtios.

Bro. Coleman: How about brother Metcalf’s class?

*More Yawn* *Scratch* Four hands go up.

Well I’m going to do it anyway 🙂 Yup, I’m excited!

Great day, lots of oranges and scriptures.


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