My life Plan….NOT!

Apperently at this point in my life, i’m supposed to be thinking aboput what I want to do with the next say 75 years (unless I get trampled by an elephant or such). The sad part is, I really don’t know. The world is so full of choices that sometimes, we seem to get wallowed up by the endless desicions. Think about it. Is it so fair that what i’m doing now determines my whole life? Can one little GPA make or deastroy me? If I fail a class am I doomed to life on the street as a hobo? That being said, I really didn’t fail any classes. Actually I did pretty good. Not great, but satisfactory. A little better than last time actually…
Anyway, what I’m trying to get at is that it’s so hard for everyyhing to be based on “Right Now”. I need to choose a college “Right Now”. I need a job “Right Now”. I really hope all this pays off in the long run…really.


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