Back to the "Real World"

Last week was one the the most amazing I’ve had in a long time. The Journalism Convention was so much better than I expected (and my expectations were high). It’s a little crazy when you know nothing about your future and it suddenly all become clear. In a mere 4 days, I fell in love…with Journalism. Finally, the pieces all fit together. It really is an art. Everything about it not only technical, but it involves passion and emotion.
Now, before I get carried away with all the serious stuff, I’m not going to forget my very favorite part-The AMAZING newspaper staff at the ‘ville. I have honestly never, ever, fit in that quickly with anybody. I loved every minute if it!

“Who has a belly? Telly has a belly! A telly welly belly!”
“I think you should eat the arm first, it’s the juciest part of the baby”
Peter and his “Birthday Cake”
The XXX Bowling Ally
Knotsberry Farm
Walking around in a giant rectangle, trying to get to the mall
The waiter asking for Lizeths Numer
Hot Tubbin’
Gettin’ “Frisky”

Yeah, You probably have NO idea what i’m talking about now. Oh well, nothing unusual :))
Much love!



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