Sometimes in life, there’s this thing you have to deal with called disappointment. Today, I would like to call my disappointment Bob. (I would call it S*%#@&*, but that would give it away, wouldn’t it? Oopsy)
Dear Bob,
I strongly dislike you. (No hatin‘). I did like you, for a long time actually (like 4 years actually). It was more than that though, I really looked up to you. You weren’t like every other guy, you were sweet and kind of quiet. Then, you started caring what people thought. That’s bad Bob, really bad. Today I saw you do something I never wanted to see, but it happened. Well good luck with life, because I will never see you the same way again.

My next disappointment I will call “Fred”
Dear Fred,
I’ve wanted you so bad for so long. I was ready for you today, but thanks to “Bob”, I just wasn’t up to it. Someday. The girls who got you deserved it though, they sounded amazing!

My last disappointment I will call “Maestro” (A bit self-explanatory yes?)
Dear Maestro,
I really wanted this. It was important to me, but like so many other things, counting on others to help me didn’t work. This was supposed to be special, not just another 500 words. Oh well.

I try to keep a smile on my face, but during days like these I just want to scream. I don’t have anybody to talk to, and I don’t like it. If I explode, don’t let Bob come to my funeral. Please. Being a downer about all this isn’t really going to help me. Just gotta get through the last month of school 😦


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