I, in my infinite wisdom, have recently discovered something. When you read, (especially for me, because I am a reader, and have been since I was just a wee tot) it flows. It’s magical the way a book can take over your mind. Like watching a movie, only better. The biggest thing I’ve learned over the past few months, is that writing isn’t the same. The story might flow when you read it, but the smoother it is, the harder it was to write. I’ve always assumed the authors can just pump stuff out, for hours and hours, without actually thinking too hard about it. I guess there are a few, I mean, babysitters club can’t have been too hard. But really, Jane Austen didn’t write Pride and Prejudice in one night. Amazing writing takes time, thought, and lots of pain.


I love my job. Most of the time. The actual “work” part is easy. Sit in a large chair, watch kids swim. Yeah. BUT… everybody knows it’s the social environment the makes the job. Actually, it really has been going very well in that sense. I’ve made tons of friends, and as if that’s not enough, a few heartthrobs too (LOL!) Summer is going to be awesome, mainly because half of my ward is working at the pool. I honest to goodness have the best ward in the world. The other day, the youth were doing a service project fixing up some yards that needed it, but for some reason or another, couldn’t do it themselves. One of the houses was for sale, and there was a “new couple” looking at it. The house was nice, but it was our ward that sealed the deal. They made an offer that day. Crazy. But anyway…back to the pool deck. Me, Morgan, Bree, Parker, Karlie, Katie (and Diana for until the end of May), It’s going to be crazy, but that’s nothing new to my ward. Go 15tinnies!

Next Year…I’m getting way ahead of myself now, oh well. I really don’t know what to do about my schedule. I’m so confused. I’m taking early morning seminary, that’s a given. I was going do the whole “swim team” thing, but I just don’t know. The meeting is May 21st, so I better decide, but I’m stuck.


I love to swim

It would cover my PE credit

The swim teamers at Taylorsville are awesome!

Swimmer Guys 🙂


Would add craziness to my already hectic life

I’m not fast

A certain swimmer guy… 😦

I would be tired all the time

Yeah, you get the idea. Next year I’ll also be in FBLA, FCCLA, Choir (Graces?), and on the Newspaper Staff (uuuuuuu?) Maybe. Maybe I’ll just move to Zimbabwe. Maybe Not. Hmmmmmmmm


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