Back to Normal

So, I figure the last post was filled with some major emotion. If you never let it out, you explode (right Dylan? 🙂 This is just a little note to keep all y’all updated since I have to go to yet another service project in a few minutes. I finished my choir auditions! I’m a natural alto, so I thought the alto part would be amazing, and I would have trouble with the high notes. Turns out, I did AMAZING on the soprano, and totally messed up the Alto. Oh well, it happens. I really don’t think it was graces material, but I not sure. There is a chance, but I’m not counting on it or anything. The funnest part had to be waiting in the hall though.

Jessica! I want my hairband! It’s being infected by Austins germs!

Boys don’t have cooties! (Nate of course)

When I came out from auditioning, Jessica had managed to get the evil hairband stuck on the brick wall 7 feet above us. Dylan tried his flip flop. Nada. I had a moment of genius when I mentioned the music stand. Anyway….great, nerve-racking, day.



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