That’s the way the cookie crumbles

Somtimes life doesn’t go the way you want it to. Actually, a lot of times it doesn’t, is that so bad? I’ve had a lot of dissapointment latley, but tons of really amazing days too.
It’s so weird how I can think of stuff all the time I want to write on here, but when it comes down to it I forget everything. Gag.
I can’t wait for summer, but I’m actually feeling kind-of stressed. I’ve never really had a job in summer before. I’m working everday, and it’s all so new to me. Last summer, I litterally sat on my butt and watched Gilmore girls. The WHOLE summer wasted. There was so many things I could be doing, but I can’t change anything now, so I’m not going to try. Summer really shouldn’t be stressfull, so I’m going to enjoy it, and just have FUN!
I was actually thinking, if we could get a bunch of people, we could rent out he pool for a night. If you got a hundred peopleish than it would be like $5 a person. It would be a blast to. What think ye?
I am in shock that my Sophmore year is over. It seemed to go by so slow, but I definitly think I’ll be more involved next year. There are so many memories…

Amy, Jessica, and I in chior, taking crazy pictures. One of my favorites of the whole year 🙂

My math class, definitlly. Making up fake people for projects…haha. My teacher probably wouldn’t think it was too funny though. Me, Allysa, Marlene=Super

Journalism. Wow. Crazy class. Wayyy different than I thought it would be, but like I said above, not a bad thing. We started out the year with 15 people, now were down to around 8. It’s wired how fast you get to know people in a class that small, even if you don’t want too. The scariest thing for me was going into the normal journalism class on thursday. Haha…didn’t handle that very well. It’s just hard going from a little class to a fairly large one.

Going to california. Highlight of my year, absolutly. Just read the post from April something or another.

While I’m going on a little journalism kick, the Lit Mag. Okay yeah, I got something in there, but some of the stuff in there was amazing! Jaron is my hero…the end.

My seminary class, both terms. The first one was great because we had lots people. Peter, Shmitty, Jameson, JESSICA!, Celeste, Zane, Pretttyy awesome class if I do say so myself. The class this term, we’ve had about 5 or 6 of us that some regularly. Me, Steve, Andrew, Tad, NiKole. It at fisrt it was hard, but for the past little bit, it’s actually been kindof fun.

I have to say, Choir in general. T having her baby. Crazy Ms. Webb. We had a great time though.


The time we were in the lunchroom throwing cheerios, and the principal walked by as Alec was throwing one, and when nobody else was. Pricless.

Making new friends. Hard, but at the end of the year, it’s a good thing.

Liz being able to tolerate me haha…


Me, Jon, and Mallory in World history, Kregear being the crazy that he is.

Learning some boys are not all thier cracked up to be…

and some are.

Not making graces. Sad, but it’s a memory.

Also, not making senate was hard, but I’m over it.

Mitch Steed…confusing boy.

And more…I just don’t want to think of them right now.

So at the end of the year, I’ve also virtually stopped waering make-up. Why? I don’t know. I guess, I’m starting to not care so much what people think, which is s good thing. Right? Hopefully. I go through phases. If you know me, you know that.

I would love to tell you a little story now…
Once I went to work. It was terrible. All guys, big egos, Ugggg. Nobody would even talk to me becuase when you’ve got almost all guys on a shift that happens. Then Tanner smiled. For the record, that kid has the hapiest smile ever. Anyway, SUPER! Like a burrito.

I love burritos, they are amazing. My parents wont let me eat them eveyday because they think I’ll get fat, but I still love them nevertheless. I also love ramen noodles, which also make you fat. Hehe…

I think I’ll go get something to eat. Maybe a turkey sandwitch….

My writing blog is up, but I’m not posting it yet because I don’t have much on there, but keep watching.

Don’t have much more to say. Except this song that’s stuck on my head by Onerepublic….

Stop and stare
I think I’m moving but I don’t know where.

Here’s a better idea…

Oh, I decided to change my college choice again I’m going for Northwestern, Chicago Campus. Am I crazy? Yes. It’s just another one of my far-fetched dreams…


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