This past week I’ve been at Girl’s Camp. It’s my favorite week of the year-by far. Part of it has to do with the fact I have the greatest ward in the world no doubt. I can’t even begin to explain, so instead I’m going to type out some of my favorite camp memories 🙂

My very first year. I can remember feeling more loved than at any other time in my life. I was twelve, and everything everybody said had this huge impact on me, especially the girl’s that were sixteen or seventeen at the time. Because my mom was camp director, I got to go up a day early with the fourth years. Our van broke down (of course). I have this vivid memory of being stuck in the middle of a dirt road, and Diana singing primary songs. I actually shared this particular memory with her cousin, at girl’s camp this year. She just smiled and said “That sounds like Diana”. Haha….

Another memory from year uno was the giant rain storm. Who could forget? Our leaders told us NOT to dig trenches around our tents, so we didn’t. Long story short? Many a flooded tent. All of our stuff was soaked, and all of the girls had to move into one tent. Out of one night in a crowded tent came many legends such as the infamous “Cellulite” incident. No details there. One thing I do remember was being half-asleep, and Alisa and Bree hopping around the tent in their sleeping bags in the middle of the night. Why oh why do I remember the strange things?

My second year. Awww the memories. Our van broke down yet again on the way to timberlane. I was once again going up early with the fourth years. we ended up stuck at a truck stop until the bishopric could save us. Laura and Krista just had the see the claw machine. In this particular claw machine there was an Elmo. Not just Amy Elmo. A large, stuffed one with beady black eyes that said “Catch me”. That’s actually a pretty weird description. Anyway, they decided to try to get people to donate to the “We love Elmo fund”. We actually danced around in front of the truck stop and sang. We also asked people to donate. We obviously weren’t expecting much, but some guy, either motivated by pity, or was just a dumb guy, gave us four dollars. Needless to say, Laura and Krista never got Elmo, probably because they were fighting so much.

I could say more about my second year, but I’m sure you don’t want to hear about the “Wal-Mart” Bloody Chicken, Cathrine Spencer, and my mommy incident. LOL

Last year we stayed at a huge cabin, and went boating at bear lake. I didn’t really enjoy it very much in general, but I do remember the boating. Aaaa! I love boating! When we came back from Jordanelle, we were burnt to a crisp. I ended up sharing a bunk with Laura, who was probably burnt the worst of all. It would have been fine, but two *CERTAIN GIRL’S* decided to live up their last night at camp. I would try not to laugh, and in turn, move the bed. Laura would then get angry… =)
This year was amazing. As you’ve probably figured out, I love memories. This year holds so many. Maybe I’ll share a few later….or now

Cee Bee Esnewws!”

“One bottle pop, two bottle pop…..”
(I almost went crazy)

Haily’s “Alien Story”

Sisa Booth and a broken nose 😦

“Whose underwear are these?”

Four pounds of licorice

The countless hours of phase ten

My sick ‘fro
(Really sick actually)

Rebekah’s “show” (don’t even ask…..)

Allee, Abbie, Charlotte, Tina, Lisa’s Butt….”

Katie, Twit, and I on the fourth year!

“Who’s Gordon?”

If I think of any more (and I’m sure I will), I’ll post them. Oooooh! I can’t wait for pictures!!

So this week in general has been amazing. I know I keep saying that, but it’s true. Maybe not so much camp, but the fact that I’m rediscovering myself. It’s a tough road, but I know in the end it’ll make my life much easier. The way I think of it, I’m split into different pieces. I’ve got the family part of me, the friends, and most importantly the spiritual. I crave an identity. I want to be confident, and know that through whatever happens, I’ll still be me.

As for those goals a few posts back….

I haven’t saved any money, Because I’m still paying for my Cali trip
I haven’t had the chance to run, but give me the benefit of the doubt. I DID walk up a very larrgggee hill many times (the joy of camp!), and went on two hikes.
I am reading Robinson Crusoe if that counts for anything.
I have NOT had a chance to write anything besides this.
I haven’t watched much of anything on TV, so no worries there.
TP’ering? Haven’t had a spare second….
I have gotten virtually NO sleep, so yet another failed goal.
I haven’t been shopping thus, no new clothes.
I have swum ZERO laps, but I did jump in the pool.
I haven’t been home all week, so I didn’t go to the library.
Have you seen a car in my driveway? ehhhh no.

Okay, I’m not great at the goals thing. Actually I stink. I’ll keep working on it…

I have to share a thought I had today when I woke up today. First I looked in the mirror and thought that I look like like an Indian. Woohoo. Then I thought “Dang you look good today!”. Vain, I know. I wore make-up for the first time in two weeks. Silly? Yeah. I had to make sure that it wasn’t the make-up that was giving me my confidence. It wasn’t. Story of my life….

Allee Evensen


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