I really don’t hate many things, but there’s this one crazy thing that I despise (with a fiery passion). I don’t like being pushed into a situation as an outsider. Last night for example…
I was chilling at my cousins house for the fourth. We ate, and were just relaxing before fireworks. Out of the goodness of their hearts (Hummmm deee dummmm) my parents told I should go talk to my cousins friends, who were also there, and who just all happened to be my age. Ehhhhh… no that’s okay. Finally, pushed until I could take no more, I did. I was ignored, but not in some mean way. They’ve all been friends for years, what can they do? I was situated in my comfortable camping chair, waiting for fireworks and BAM! I’m sure it was the planning of our nice little mommas, but…. I got roped into going to the golf course to hang out. It’s not that that bugged me though, it’s the fact that if I said No, I would be pushed until I said yes. It actually turned out all right, but mostly I just listened. What could I say about So and So’s triple layer house boat, or who makes out with who, when I don’t even know who the who’s are? One thing I realized though, was that these aren’t the type of kids I hang around. They’re not too bad or anything, just not me.

Allee Evensen


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