Pizza? Twelve dollars…Your Co-workers love? Priceless.

I have had the most amazing, crazy of weeks. Here’s the short (well kind of) version :))

I’ve been working…a lot. Actually I’m never home.
I’ve made some tight new buddies =]
I like a boy… a lot. Usually I’m not to shy around guys, but whenever he talks to me, all I can seem to do is nod. This guy is amazing! I’ve got it bad….
I hate Coke. People get so impatient for their caffeinated, sugar packed cup of craziness, but I’M NOT EVEN GETTING PAID FOR THIS! Oh yeah, back to why I hate it. It’s all foamish, and takes forever to die down, so you have to refill it like 10 times! Plus, it makes my hands sticky.
I got a new phone. Yay texting!
I am so flippin‘ tan. Yeah, dirty mexican.
I stopped reading catch-22 and started reading something I like.
I’m writing lists again. Lists are horrible in a wonderful sense.
I like a boy. Oh wait, already been there.
But I really like him 😦
Fine, I’ll be quiet now.
Youth conference is in 2 days. Mucho awesome!
I got the Sims. Addiction.
The hair on my legs is only semi-gross.
I swam this week!!!
I heart you.




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