Changing…for real.

Everyday something new, unexpected.
How can I take this?
without breaking.

I love my life, I do. The only thing I want right now is for everything to slow down. I know it won’t, after all school is starting in a month (aaahhhh!). It’s just going to get crazier. The ships sinking and all I can do jump into that endless dark abyss.

This past few days, I’ve been at youth conference. If anything, it made me realize how Luke warm I’ve been. Spiritually, I’m getting by, but doing just that, and nothing more. Frustrating!

Other than that, youth conference was spectacular! I love my ward, and how believe or not, how close we are. My muscles are aching form being dragged behind boat at 35 MPH, but I love it!

Right now, I’m talking in paragraph fragments. I totally just made that up.

Boy oh boy, let’s not talk about them.

I feel like this summer has been one of change. I’m so far from where I was at this point last year. It’s a good thing, but change isn’t always easy.

Let the waves wash over me.
Tasting the salt
burning the open wound
Letting the sunshine
dry my skin
peeling away.


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