Boys Vs. Churros

Boys Vs. Churros

At first glance, boys and churros don’t have much in common. Boys are hard and sweaty, unlike churros and their soft, warm, goodness. You can stick churros in the freezer, but I wouldn’t try that with any guy. You can buy churros, but sadly there is no “Boys R’ Us” where you can select a type and model.
Actually, if you dig deep, you discover there are many similarities between boys and churros. For example, if you overdo either, it will make you sick and come back to haunt you later. Remember as a six year old in Disneyland when you ate 4 1/2 churros? Not a pretty sight. It’s practically the same thing when you try to date three guys at once, only to find they’re brothers. That will haunt you forever.
Neither boys or churros will talk to you. No matter how hard you poke a churro, it’s not going to engage in a deep discussion. If you try to poke a boy to get him to talk to you, you’ll probably just break your finger.
Boys and churros? Crazy some say, but if you’re not careful you may end up the third wheel.

(This is temporary until my creative writing blog goes up!)


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