shall I know what I don’t?

I feel like I should know what I’m doing with my life. Heck, I’m an adult in 14 months. Being an adult is highly overrated. They have jobs and car payments and children. Actually, I have a job. Actually I have a car payment. At least I don’t have any children that I know of . It’s like sometimes life attacks you at the most random of times and all you can do is sit. frozen. to. the. wall. Me thinks I might change my major again. The thought of Journalism is attractive, but I’m not 100% me. I’m leaning more ‘tword English. the way I’m going I’ll be a thirty year old sophomore majoring in auto-repair. I take that back, I love the men that fix my car, I just wouldn’t want to be one. This is what I know:
I love people.
I love the stories people tell.
I can’t stand science.
I’m an Entrepreneur.
I love kids.
I love to write.
Math is just that. Math.
I can’t draw.

If there was a career path in texting, I would have my doctorate. I wonder if I can major in facebook


One thought on “shall I know what I don’t?

  1. Yes being a grown-up is over-rated! It looks cooler when you are younger. College should be a must, take it from me. I turned 18, got married, then had Jaycee a year later. That is one thing that I’ve regreted is that I don’t have college under my belt. Even though life is a little stressful as an adult, you have a life to look forward to new adventures! I expect to see great things from you Allee! You are awesome!

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