I wish I was Winnie the Pooh. All that bear has to worry about is honey and making sure Piglet doesn’t kill himself. Plus, he can say HUMPH as many times as he wants and NOBODY gets mad at him. Silly little willy all stuffed with fluff.
I have so much homework to do…I have to revise my articles at least one more time…I need to practice piano…but I’m sitting here. Typing intangible words nobody will ever read. I tried to go to night games tonight, but I couldn’t find the church. All my friends that weren’t at night games were at the drama club social. gag.
Today at work though…classic.
There were these girls that wouldn’t rotate on time, so Jake made them spray the deck. Believe me, spraying the deck is NOT that bad, but they decided to throw a cow.
“#$%@ YOU JAKE! AHHHHHHH!” Really, it was terrible, but sometimes….people just deserve stuff I guess.

Guess what? I WANT TO GO TO HOMECOMING. I even have a really gorgeous dress and everything. Think a want ad in the paper would be to desperate? 😉 Really though, I just want to go. I’ve kind of come to terms with the fact I’m probably not, and really I’m okay with it, but really, it would be nice. I have about four guys in mind. GASH. GEE. GOLLY. WHIZ.
TB,MS,SW,MStakea nice guess at the mess. poet.


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