What about bob?

The way I figure, I need sleep.
Even more I need to write.
Not the kind of writing like….

“George Washington crossed the Deleware….”
“My annotations of this book represent…”

No Sir.

I do that all the time in school. Write to fill lines. It’s terrible. If you’re going to make kids write, at least do it on something they care about. Gee.


The Journalism Seniors are leaving to St. Louis in November. I’m dying, literally dying to go. I understand why and all, but I think I would enjoy it more than some of the seniors. Anyway…I’ve come to terms. I’m buying a new Ipod instead. Ho Hum. Not nearly as good as custard in St. Louis but someday I’ll go.

I’ve been fighting sickness the past couple of days. Really I should be in bed right now. Ho hum.

I really like this boy.

Golly, I haven’t had it this bad in forever.

And my boss screamed today.


And I didn’t go to school today.

Because I was sick.

Becuase I do stuff like this at midnight.

Life is stressful.

But I like a boy.

And he’s sweet like sunshine.



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