Tonight I made a conscious decision.
I am done.
From this point out, I am me.
I want to build myself up, so others can look at me and say “Wow that’s great”
Instead of me building myself on others.

This is completely hard for me. The saddest thing is that it all stems from a guy. Really that’s not sad but let me explain. I don’t want to be the girl who’s always planting herself in front of him to get him to notice. If anybody, boy or not, wants to be friends with me, it will happen the right way . I had an amazing summer, but one thing I regret now is spending the entire time trying to get what I wanted. This is something that’s been brewing for a long time, and I think I’m finally ready. As corny as this all sounds, I just want to be me. Boys will be boys. They’ll come and go until I find the guy I want to marry. I always have considered myself confident, but I’m working on more than just confidence based on others, because that’s not really confidence at all.


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