I’m afraid I have a confession to make: Allee Does NOT know how to talk to boys.
Excuse my childish speech, BUT IT’S RETARDED.
OR maybe I am….
or maybe a little bit of both.

You want to know what I HATE?
Probably not, but I’m telling you anyway.

I hate conversations like this…
Boy 1 “Hey. sup?”
Boy 2 “Nothing much….but do you know so and so….?”
Boy 1 “IS SHE HOT?”
Boy 2 “Ummmm…well…..yeah.”
Boy 1 “Who’s working tonight?”
Boy 2 ” I don’t know…ummm some new girl…”
Boy 1 “IS SHE HOT?”
Boy 2 “Whatever yeah.”
Boy 1″Hey look, there’s a dead puppy”
Boy 2 “IS SHE HOT?”
Boy 1 “Yeah…whatever. Look, there’s communist women dropping bombs!”
Boy 2 “IS SHE HOT?”

All while I’m sitting right there. Hummmph. I swear, I heard the phrase “IS SHE HOT?” at least ten times in twenty minutes. At least don’t do it in front of me, okay boys?

I think I know who I’m asking to sadies, After all of that ranting, I shouldn’t even want to go, but I’ll survive. It’s mostly a secret…kind of…okay, I’m a blabbermouth and all of my friends know. Technically though, they don’t know HIM, so that makes me safe…but then again, if you knew my friends you wouldn’t feel so safe…

By the way, I am perfectly aware that anyone in the world can be reading this, and I hope they am. Especially…..


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