I think I write all of this more for myself than anybody else. It just helps me relax.
I got another job. I’m still guarding at Gene Fullmer, but as of today I’m working at WJ Middle. It was so weird being the new one. I’ve worked at GF for around seven months now, so I’m far from new. I’ve made lots of friends ya know? It’s comfortable. I love that! I love that even though it’s work we can still goof around and have fun. Cha know? :] GF has changed a lot lately with all of the “classic” people quitting. It’s gotten a lot stricter I think, because nobody’s there to boss the bosses. Jordan and Peter were great at that…It’s still pretty fun. Not nearly as amazing as summer, but still. I basically only work the Monday shift now. Me, Tanner, Doogie (or should I say Collin 😉 Sean, and Beth. There are a few people I wished I worked with more. Me and JD always have fun, especially when I laugh at him. Heh heh…Me and Tanner are homework fiends. What a job 🙂
So at WJ Middle I work with some pretty amazing people I already know. Steven, man that kid is awesome! Doogie works with me at both pools, so I get to see him more than enough (just kidding, just kidding!) Steven’s older brother Peter. I don’t know him too well, but well enough to know how alike the brothers are :] And then of course Jon. I haven’t seen much of him lately though….
This has been quite the people rant. Pretty boring. and random.Oh well.

Our second issue comes this week!! I’m excited!!


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