My dream

Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism has prepared students for rewarding and dynamic careers in the news media since 1921, teaching journalists to “write boldly and tell the truth fearlessly,” as early Chicago Tribune editor Joseph Medill put it.
At Medill, a broad base of course work in the liberal arts is considered essential training for a journalist. Before enrolling in a workshop on reporting and writing or working for a newspaper, magazine, or television station, students study the arts, sciences, and humanities. “Journalists need to be able to understand and grasp the issues of the day if they hope to report them effectively,” says Roger C. Boye, assistant dean at Medill. And what better place to learn about real-world issues than the Chicago metropolitan area?
In its teaching, Medill has always emphasized three fundamentals to media reporting: accuracy, fairness, and balance. “There is a right way, an ethical way, to present the news,” says Boye. “More than anything else we want Medill graduates to have a strong appreciation that this is what good journalism is all about.”

Sadly for me, my dream is being blown into giant chunks of old tuna.

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