Yet another Top Ten…

Top Ten Things I love at this moment in time….

10. The fact that it’s the end of the term



7.My new kick-butt, boy friendly, job.

6.Itttttttttt’ssss a llllooooooongggg weeeeekend.

5.That includes Halloween.

4. EINSTEIN BAGELS! OH MY GOSH! SO GOOD! Spinach Florentine with whipped cream cheese. Who would have ever thought heaven could exist in a bagel?

3.Sadie Hawkins Dance. Not in Khaki pants.

2.Fippin‘ best friends ever. That buy me cheese fries.

1.Tonight. We’re on a “Sadie Hawkins Spectactic Mission” fur real son.

The other day I was so stressed. I was in math, scared to death I had failed my history test. So Tisha asks me about it and I start to cry. No kidding. Then she starts crying, and Shawnee eyes start to glaze over. Then we begin laughing hysterically. But still crying of course. It’s amazing what three hours of sleep can do to you.


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