Once there was a girl…

Once there was a girl…

who wanted so many things.

but she never told anybody.

Because telling people things is bad…

and it made them nervous.

But she wanted so many things.

She wanted to be a madrigal in the near future.

and she wanted a boyfriend, preferably a cute one who could sing.

and also she wanted to be editor-in-chief.

and also, and also, and also,

she wanted to go to Northwestern.

she wanted to never see another cup of Coke as long as she lived.

she wanted to finish her novel.

Mostly because it’s the greatest, most pointless story ever written.

She wanted and internship.

and an Ipod.

and also a boyish friend. But she already mentioned that.

She wanted to NOT be in AP history.

She wanted to go live in the world of Gilmore Girls

She wanted to take the ACT and get an okay score.

She wanted to be spiritual, and understand what she read.

She wanted to be GOOD, and successful.

Most of all, she just wanted to be loved.

and she is.

Maybe she just doesn’t love herself enough.


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