The past few days, something has really been bugging me. I mean really. For the past 7 years, I’ve played the piano. It’s never been a huge thing, just something that I enjoy. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to play half as well as my friends, but I still love it. Anybody can practice hard and play the piano. Unless you were born deaf, honestly, if you put hard work into it, you WILL be able to play. Now here’s what bugging me. While anybody can play the piano, there are people who have a gift. Anybody can play music, but it takes a gift to be a musician. I know I have that gift. It’s silly really. Most people don’t know I play the piano or guitar, and those who do never hear me, not because I’m shy but because I’m undedicated. I could do so much with it, but I just let it slide. I like to pretend I don’t have a gift, for reasons unbenonced to me. If you know me, you know I do it all the time. The Young Woman’s leaders didn’t even know I played piano until I’d had been in there for four years. I am a musician. I breath music. Sometimes my head is a giant white room with an invisible symphony. I always hear it, and It doesn’t just stop. Today I was sitting in the back room playing the piano, and finally I understood. I’m never going to be able to play like Tisha, Liz or Shawnee, but I’m going to dedicate myself to it. Music.


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