Let’s hunt for round-a-bouts!

So I really like this guy…haha. Anybody reading this is thinking “what’s new?” Actually I’ve kind of liked this guy for seven months. I should be over it, but some the harder I try, the more focused I am on it. I think it was worst in summer, because I had time to think about it, and analyze it all the time. It’s mellowed out a lot, but something is still there. The biggest problem? He’s one of those guys “a thousand girls” are in love with. It’s not because he’s conceited or overly popular though. He’s sweet, not to mention a genius. Hmmmph. He either:

1.Has no clue I exist, which is I really don’t think should even be an option.

2.Thinks I look like a hobo, and is nice to me because he feels terrible.

3. Couldn’t be mean to anybody, and therefore puts up with me.

4.Is really an alien from mars. A very tall alien.

5.Is to shy to say anything, which is unbelievable because he is NOT shy.

6.Is a boy.

7.All of the above.

Boys are confusing. Gah!

I am attempting to win over an “A thousand girl’s guy.”

Is it even possible?


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