Sqeals and Giggles

“I love people. They are the grandest creatures.”

Last night..where do I begin?

It was Kristen’s birthday party, and Alyssa wanted to drive becuase she didn’t know where her house was. Okay, fine, I thought. Half and hour later, I was was fairly confused. She wasn’t at her house, but she wasn’t at my house either. She’d been to my house many a times before, but somehow, she had managed to get lost. Turns out, it was my fault for being DYSLEXIC and telling her MY own address wrong. Silly Allee. Silly Dyslexic Hobo Allee.

So we finally start on our merry way, and I was sure I knew where Kristen lived. As we were driving down the street, I saw Kristens Suburban, and so we pulled over and got out. I was sure NOBODY on earth had a Suburban that looked like Kristens. Really. Positive.

So we go to the front door, and nobody answers. I peek in the window and notice the place is a HEAP. Full of nasty junk, food and boxes. EVERYWHERE. I really can’t see Kristen living in a filthy place like this, but NOBODY else could have that suburban. So we call her.

“We’re standing outside your door:”

Ummm…I don’t think so”

“YES! We are.”

“Well I’m looking out my window”

At this point it finally dawns on us, this is not her house.

Fast Forward.

We get to her house, watch a movie about invisible boyfriends, and just chill.

I think it was Heather? that started truth or dare. It was fun at first…everybody making fools of themselves. It comes Amy’s turn and she picks Liz and dares her to kiss Andy.


So Kristen texts him and tells him to meet us at seven eleven. He agrees. A little to quickly if you ask me ;). At first, I’m pretty sure they both just thought it was a huge joke. It was, only it was a joke that we took very seriously :]].

So we get to the gas station, and Jessica and Amy go to pick him up. As they pull up, we being the girls we are, squeal and giggle uncontrollably. Even being in separate cars, they won’t look at each other, and Liz doesn’t look like she’s getting out of the car anytime soon. He gets out and comes to her door, and she still refuses to open it. He does it for her. Suddenly, she bolts. I mean all out runs like a 50 yard track star. Funniest moment of my entire life.

We tried to follow, but of course we lost them. In come the mystery 15 minutes where we have not clue what they really did. HAHA.


Squeals and giggles.


One thought on “Sqeals and Giggles

  1. Allee I love you so much! That was the funniest event ever and you have recorded it so I can read it whenever I want! Now I have all I’ve ever wanted…except a boyfried. But that’s what an imagination is for right?

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