Today I had an interview with the Assistant Vice-Principal Gourley.

It was a good interview, but he kept asking me personal questions and it really got me thinking. Do I really know what I want?

You’d think the answer would be yes. After all, I know. I want to be Editor-in-Chief. I want to major in Journalism or if that doesn’t work, English. I want be an amazing writer.

He asked me what college I was planning on.

Here’s where I hit the wall. I want to be at Northwestern, but my grades are not good enough, and neither is my budget. So I ehhhhed and Ahhhhhed for a bit. I think I know where I want to be, I just don’t know how to get there.

He asked my if I do any sports.

I ehhhhh and ahhhhed again and told him I was going to do track.

He asked “Distance?”

Heck no.

I just don’t know.

My life is a giant mound of purple play dough, with small bits of white and neon green, waiting to be crafted into a pizza, or a snowman, or whatever I want it to be.

I’m stressed, but happy. Mostly I can’t wait for High School to be over. I love the social aspects but I took on too much this year, and I’m just not enjoying it.


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