The-Beyond-Nasty-Grossness-I-Don’t-care-if-I-am-not-using-proper-english-day. Hey.

This week has been terribly nasty.
I mean, not just the “I got dirt under my fingernails” nasty.
I mean the “I’m eating horse intestines on Fear Factor” nasty.

My friends are…changing. I wish I could handle it, the problem is nobody tells me anything. Let me rephrase that, they tell me half of the story.

If you’re not going to tell me the whole thing, just don’t okay?

There was this comment that bugged me though. “Well I know….she’ll only tell her closest friends.”

Before today, I thought I was kind of just that.


The thing is, it’s not just a rumor with some people I half-know.

It’s life and death with my best friends.

I hate being out of the loop.

Then, after working on my amazing portfolio for 8 hours, Harward didn’t want in until next term.

And, I thought somebody stole my guitar.

My hair was beyond nasty.


This blog has had four nasty-emo posts in a row.

I’m just using it to vent.


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