There’s so much going on in my world right now… I haven’t even taken time to blog.

Bad Allee.

I’m skipping Valentines Day, because I couldn’t find anybody to go to sweethearts with. I really don’t want to be the girl who is “Anti-Love” or anything, but I’m so confused by the entire male population. They’re so on and off that it kills my brain cells.

Tonight…I’m going to the play with Tisha and her broface. Should be fun. I finally get to meet Kristen’s famous “Jesse from Emery” haha

I feel like I’m rambling for no reason.

Lately I’ve been having all these weird feelings. It’s like I’m on the outside of the world looking in. It’s not bad I guess, just lonley. That’s the other thing… I’m surrounded by so many friends and amazing people that love me, so how could I possibly be lonely? It baffles me.

Part if it is the best friend/boyfriend thing.

I’ve never had a best friend. All of my close friends from when I was younger have moved away, or gotten lost in the mix. I have the greatest friends in the world, but they’ve all known each other since they were born. I’m really tight with them, but I’ll still never have what they have with each other.

It’s really hard to hang out with my friend’s boyfriends. It shouldn’t be a problem, but it’s not so much jealousy as it is wanting to find somebody. I’m silly.

My articles SUCK.

This whole post has been like a really confused clown, hopping from city to city.

I am so weird. The end.

TOP TEN: Current Love Affairs

10. Bagels
9.David Archuleta
8.KanYe West
7.Swim Lessons
6.Ipod Touch



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