I honestly think that real friendship isn’t just talking, or spending friday nights together. No matter how good of friends you think you are with someone, you don’t truly know them, until you admit they have flaws. It sounds terrible, but you can think the world of someone, and they’re still not perfect. I’m not a friendship expert or anything, but really knowing and loving someone, anyone for that matter, is recognizing that they’re human. Sometimes, you can help, and sometimes you can’t. And it hurts. It hurts to watch a person you care about struggle with a problem that’s out of your hands, but that’s where relationships are formed. There’s the flip element too, where you have to work things out on your own, and while you can keep others at arms length, it’s a completely personal struggle. Friendship is loving people for their imperfections, and in turn, them loving you for yours. And loving yourself.
and it’s unbearable.and it’s painful.and sometimes being 17 makes you want to rip your hair out.But it all works out, and we’ll look back and laugh.Maybe.


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