Rory: If the house was burning down, what would you save first, the cake or me?
Lorelai: Not fair! The cake doesn’t have legs! –Gilmorism.

I’m really just extremely happy. Sometimes, it scares me how happy I am. I’m sure it scares others too. I’m thinking about school starting, which is a good/bad thing.

I’ve also been pondering something. I realized today, most people don’t think as much as I do. It’s not that they’re slower or anything like that, but more like their personality is one to take things in a different pace. I wish I could do that. I’m always moving, pouncing, moving, jumping. It’s hard for me to stop. I just want to take things as they come, and not always analyze EVERYTHING.

That being said, enjoy my photographic skill. (ha. ha.)


We went to Gardner Village, and got this grab bag with a gummy eyeball. She enjoyed it a little too much 🙂

I threw some sparkles on Stephen.


Fy-a burning.


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