This can’t last forever, doesn’t get much better.

I think I only have three pet peeves. ONLY THREE. Most people have ten, twenty, maybe a million. They are:

1.Bad country music

I HATE making an effort to do something, and finding that the other person is in la-la land. UG. Also, for the record, country music makes me want to cry. I will NEVER like it. The end.

I’m on the list kick lately, so here’s my latest top ten:

10. Sunshine
7.Hot Dogs (By the end if summer, I’ll regret this)
6. Ben Folds
5.Sister Sleepovers 🙂
4.Summer Seminary
3.Cute kids
1.The lovebug

So what? Yeah, I caught the stinking lovebug. It’s a love/hate relationship. Yesterday…was so good. I feel like I’m growing up so much, in ways I can’t express. I haven’t born my testimony in front of my ward for years, but yesterday, I just realized it was a step that needed to be taken. I wish I could share what i’m feeling with others. It’s more than just happiness. It’s being full. There are times when I’m lonley, but as soon as I do what I know I’m supposed to be doing, it fades. I’m grateful. This is all really overwhelming for me, but it’s good.

So that’s pretty much the story of my summer. I’ve decided I like growing up. Until next week maybe 😉


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