I want a hug from a firefly

I feel…like I’m fighting a losing battle. I really hoped it wouldn’t come to this. I’m like a stinking sophomore again, but they probably have more friends than I do 🙂 It’s just hard, having classes with nobody you know. All the sudden, you’re the odd one. I’m not used to that feeling anymore. It’s been a REALLY hard few weeks. It’s had it’s up and downs, but I’m struggling…I don’t know what I’m struggling with. I fit in. I date. I’m doing everything I’m supposed to.

On the other hand, this has made me extremely grateful for the friends I have. I really don’t see anybody like I did last year though. Friendships don’t last if there’s no communication. Ah, key. So that’s what I’m missing.

This all sounds terrible and negative. I am okay, just not super. I miss friends.


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