Choosing anger

I’m not a person to get angry often. Even in the rare moments when I’m furious, I keep it to myself.

I’m sick of me.

I’m so angry right now. So frustrated. So hurt. I hate that I can’t tell people when I’m mad at them. I hate that I’m the person who’s always there for everybody, but when it comes down to it, the people I stood by could care less about me. I guess I’m just a “convenience friend”. Use her and then throw her out.

Most of all, I hate that I’m angry. I try so hard not to be, but I’m not really sure I can always choose not to be angry. So much pain.

There are people I wish that would read this. They won’t, but I’m not sure I can express it any other way.

I guess I just have to face the fact that I can’t control everything. It takes two to have a relationship, and I can’t make that choice for others. Drifting apart hurts.


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