I’m sure nobody reads this anymore…but here goes.

I’m old. It makes me want to cry. I remember being a sophomore and hanging out with Eric Davies and Liz in the backroom. Oh how things have changed.

Nobody comes to my Sunday school class anymore, so I have to go to gospel doctrine, or the SLCC singles ward. All the sudden, I don’t fit in anywhere. I’ve always fit in. I don’t fit into young woman’s or Sunday school. Basically the only place I really fit is on the newspaper staff, and even then it’s only because they’re forced to like me. 🙂

I’m just tired. I really miss the seniors from last year. Jason, Jose, Seth, Jen, Andrew, Danny. It’s so odd, because I’ve been so excited to be a leader for such a long time, but now I need advice. I lead people, but in the same way, I need people to lead me. It’s almost as hard being at the top as it is being at the bottom.

On a more positive note, we took over DC! We won more awards this year than we ever have before. I got close to a lot of the juniors, and it was…just a blast. I learned so much. I got to take a class from a writer from the New York Times!!

In fall, I’m headed up to Rexburg to go to BYU-I. I’m excited, but at the same time I feel like I would like to stay at home forever.

Also, I’m boy needy. It just happened. Again. Sigh. I wish my emotions could just wait until I was twenty one.


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