Movin’ on

I’d like to thing that I know something about life. I’d like to think that my experiences shape who I’m attempting to become. I’d like to think that life about more than just me.

Golly gee, I think a lot.

I’m in the middle of my senior year. It’s a shock to me. How did I get here? Where did my 2 1/2 years go? Some people think graduating from high school is the end, but in all honesty it’s the beggining. Sure, it’s going to be a challenge to move 300 miles away with no friends and no family, but it’s the start of something. I like to think of it as the start of my life.

Sounds pathetic, I know.

One of my biggest challenges will be leaving some of my good friends. My family will always there, but I see all these people I care about so much…moving on. Of course, I’ll move on too, but it’s hard to digest. In all actuality, there are very few people that I’m really, really, close to. I have lots of friends, but my inner loop is small. I think I like it that way.

But anyway, my brain hurts. Too much college talk. 🙂 Today, I kind of realized that all of my Utah State/BYU Idaho worries were pointless. BYUI has the better journalism program.

Oh how I wanna go to Northwestern!

(Just kidding, just kidding!)


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