I’m selfish.
Stuff like this shouldn’t matter.
It’s eating at me like a maggot on dead flesh.
That was a beyond disgusting comparison.
I’m happy, but there’s so much going through my brain.
I’m just a little on the lost side, I guess.
I need to talk, but I’m pretty sure everybody is already sick of hearing me complain. 🙂
You know what I need most?
Temple day. Sigh.
And maybe a date.
Also, somebody to answer my college questions.
And a bookstore.
Oh, and somebody to explain math to me.

So selfish.


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  1. I had a comment all typed out.And then the stupid site hated me.The end.PS. I'll help you with your math. :)PPS. I'll also listen to complaints, only my condition is that you might do the same? Hopefully that's not too much.PPPS. I totally get you.

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