Allee. Needs. A. Hug.

My feelings are so hypocritical.

I feel secure in where I’m at, but at the same time I want to move.

I’m ready to get on with my life, but the first step is hard. So hard.

Sometimes, I feel like when it comes to the male population, I always lose. I always fall for the guy who’s taken, or shy, or uninterested. It’s something that I’ve had to deal with my whole life, and it takes its emotional toll. Here is my top ten for the week:

10. The newspaper is out. Finally.

9.I get to play the Wii tonight. With a guy I kind of adore.

8.Even though I dropped my phone in the bathtub, it works.


6. Utah State. Even though it took me four months to make a desicion, I feel really good about it.

5.Tomorrow, I’m fasting with a purpose.

4.I get to tacos tonight.

3.The blueberries are on their way to another churchball championship.

2.I have a job that I love. Pray that I don’t lose it, okay?

1.March madness has started, and not the sports version! I’m so thrilled to read the Book of Mormon cover to cover again.

I have bad days. I had quite a few last week. But there are lots of good days too. The world balances out.

So I have a question for those reading this. Do you think there are times when you just shouldn’t help people? Even if the person with the problem is one of your closest friends, is there a time you step back and choose not to be involved?

I don’t know the answer. I’m not sure I want to, because it means I might have to do something about it.


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