Fitting in

I am having feelings that I haven’t felt in many years. Since Junior High really.

I feel like I don’t fit.

My best friends have boyfriends. And other best friends.
School. It doesn’t feel natural anymore. Suddenly there’s this awkwardness that I haven’t felt “seence I wuss a wittle sawfmore”.
Of course, I fit in with my family. They’re my best friends. But, all the sudden they’re growing up. And I’m leaving. The end.

This weekend has been filled with lots of silly emotions. The hardest part is realizing that I’m on my own. It was a huge blow to realize those that I’m closest too don’t want to help me with my problems.

I’m glad that there’s always one person to talk to, even when everybody else lets me down.
And, he’s been through it all.

Sigh. I want to go to prom.


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