Looking Forward

I can’t believe next week is production week again. I’m going to die.
I’ve learned a very valuable lesson this week. It’s something that I knew, but it didn’t hit me until yesterday.

You can’t force other people to change. The only thing you can change is your attitude. And, sometimes by changing an attitude you can change a person. But only sometimes.

It’s been a good day. One of the best in a few weeks.

There are things all around me just…happening. I can’t control them, and whether I like it or not they’re there. The best thing I’ve learned to do is go with the flow. Sometimes the waves will be high, and sometimes they’ll be low but at the end of the day I decided what I’ve done with my time.

Without further ado….

Top Ten “I’m looking forward to…”

10.Being done with Hamlet. Yech.

9. Distribution day!

8.The school board meeting being done and over with.

7.Reading my March Madness tonight

6.Spring Break & Bear Lake

5.My WUE decision

4.Not math.


2.Utah State. Bomb. Dot. Com.



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