15 things you didn’t know about Allee

1. Even the smell of cucumbers make me sick. It’s the one food I refuse to eat.
2. I read more books in a month than some people do in a lifetime.
3. I’m always stressed, but I try hard not to show it.
4. I have to work really hard to be mediocre
5. I absolutley hate crying in front of people.
6. I hate the feeling of being dirty.
7. 15 hour school days are not unusual for me.
8. I really don’t like animals.
9. I’m a problem fixer.
10. I’ve been on lots of dates, but I’ve never held hands with a guy.
11. I could have played basketball or swam in high school, but I took too many AP classes.
12. Someday, I want to use my writing to help people.
13. I’m a very different person than I was three years ago.
14. I want to go on a mission.
15. I love wearing skirts.


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