Sometimes my days have the potential to be on my “most disgusting days ever” list.

For example…

if it were production week…

and my whole family was on edge…

and all my friends were grumps…

and I was a cramp monster…

and some people in my English class hated me…

and I had to go to work…

and I got so frustrated in math that I wanted to find a time machine and beat the man who founded matrices with a big wooden bat…

But then, I tell myself it could be worse. I could have a bad zit. Or I could be a hairy homeless man trapped on the coast of New Orleans.

And then, all the potential bad things seem really small. This is especially true after I run, or get financial aid money.

So, the moral or the story?

Potentially bad days, can end up being okay.

At least today.


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