I feel so funny.
There are so many things that should not be a big deal that are being blown out of proportion.
I’m tired of so many people, even people I never thought I’d get sick of.
Also, Everybody around me has a somebody right now, and I’m not quite fitting the mold. It’s almost like the start of junior year all over again, when everybody was in that new relationship stage.

But, tonight was super fun. Fugitive. Ah.

It brought back one of my favorite memories of my fading teenage-Dom.
The summer after sophomore year, the gffr guards would all go play ultimate frisbee. Every Thursday, without fail. I guess that was before I had the friends I have now. It’s crazy to think about.

Tommrrow is seth’s farewell. It makes me feel old.

Oh, by the way. I’m a quest to be a better person. Emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Today, I ran a 5k, which despite it’s tinyness, was a huge step for me.
Also, I’m working on making everyday the best day ever. It’s tough sometimes.

Sleepy time.


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