Stumbling at every turn

Of all the things that I thought my senior year would end with, all of my best friends being frustrated with me was not on the list. I’ve always made a special effort to be the kind of friend that I want to have. These wonderful girls aren’t really mad at me (for the most part) they’re just kind of tired of me.

It’s been a hard few weeks on me. I’ve felt this weird sense of exclusion. It’s not anybody’s fault, it’s just there. I haven’t had a lot of lonely Friday nights in high school, but they’ve been occurring more frequently. People are doing things, but not people that I know well enough to be invited. It’s kind of an anomaly.

But, I’m done with my AP tests, and I got my senior pictures today. I guess my attitude needs a fix.

It’s hard though. So, so hard.

I just want my best friends back.


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